Friday, February 18, 2011

Rainbow Fire

Fire isn’t just orangey yellow; you can make it turn green, blue, red, pink and purple.  This can be done easily by burning various chemicals in a colourless flame. Spirit burners can be easily bought from hardware stores and they work like candles but use spirits instead of wax.

Using a spirit burner and a long piece of wire you can make this barely visible flame into a brilliant light show.

Using these chemicals you may have around the home, dip a damp end of the wire into it and put it in the flame.

Table salt (orange flame * )
Sodium free table salt (purple flame)
Copper based fungicides (green flame)
Cobalt-based battery chemicals (cyan flame)
Chalk Powder (Red flame * )

* These are quite hard to burn so may not work for a small spirit burner flame.