Friday, September 17, 2010

So you want to die (part 1)

Note: Don't do this. Ever.  This post satire and is written to highlight how dangerous messing with chemicals can be.

So you want to die but can't afford that .45 and you've misplaced your rope for a noose.  Fear not, using simple home chemistry you will be dead in no time.

Grab yourself some high chlorine bleach and Ammonia solution and mix them together in a tub.  

How this will kill you will depend on what proportions were used in the mixing

Death by Chloramine

The bleach decomposes to form hydrochloric acid, which reacts with ammonia to form toxic chloramine fumes:
First the hydrochloric acid is formed:
NaOCl → NaOH + HOCl
HOCl → HCl + O
And then the ammonia and chlorine gas react to form chloramine, which is released as a vapor:
NaOCl + 2HCl → Cl2 + NaCl + H2O
2NH3 + Cl2 2NH2Cl
Death by hydrazine 
If you accidentally added too much ammonia, toxic and potentially explosive liquid hydrazine may be formed. While impure hydrazine tends not to explode, it's still toxic, plus it can boil and spray hot toxic liquid.

2NH3 + NaOCl → N2H4 + NaCl + H2O
You see those chemicals in red? They're red because they will kill you.


  1. I'll definitely keep this page as a reference in case I feel bad one day!

  2. Yeah, as a chem student, I know that chlorine gas will fuck you up bad. Then again, as a psychonaut, I know what shit will fuck you up good too :D

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